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Top 10

Name Country Website Description
Avisio Austria avisio.ai AVISIO - the intelligent supply management platform tailor-made for hotels.
Hotel Data Cloud UAE hoteldata.cloud Hotel Data Cloud is a b2b content distribution platform that enables hotels to increase their operational efficiently and generate more bookings.
RootLo USA rootlo.com RootLo App helps companies to make remote work meaningful for their employees. We provide communities and services to their employees, improving each individual's daily experience.
Getabedsuite Mexico getabedsuite.com "An operating system for hospitality companies that wants to increase their online bookings by being part of an international ecosystem.
Get Local Switzerland get-local.com GET LOCAL provides hotels the technology and holistic digital concierge booking platforms to sell selected and personalized local services, activities and experiences.
Go Zayaan Bangladesh gozayaan.com Go Zayaan is a platform where technology meets travel, a brand that is redefining the way Bangladeshi people travel.
Heima Switzerland   Heima is an innovative Swiss hospitality brand providing guests with immersive experiences in nature.
Midnightdeal Austria midnightdeal.com Midnightdeal allows travellers to book hotels at a price of their choice, thus narrowing the gap between room supply and traveller demand.
Nomady Ag Switzerland nomady.ch Airbnb for camping in nature
Trippening Pte Ltd (Trabble) Singapore trabble.co Trabble offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to consolidate the fragmented travel industry globally. We aim to help Travel and Hospitality businesses take their guests seamlessly from Pre-Trip, Check-In, In-Trip, Check-Out and Post-Trip.
WhosYourGuest Colombia whosyourguest.com A hospitality marketplace where guests reserve directly with the hotels and receive discounts between 5%-20% depending on their ratings as guests.
Name Country Website Description
Indy Guide Switzerland indyguide.com INDY GUIDE connects guests and hosts for lifechanging experiences in underrated destinations.
Runnin'City France runnincity.world Runnin'City (http://runnin.city) is a smartphone app that allows you to discover over 200 cities around the world while running (or walking).
PIX Moving China pixmoving.com PIX builds autonomous driving chassis PIXBOT to integrate living, working and entertaining spaces atop, forming different moving spaces to provide on-demand services, such as unattended vending car, mobile office, self-driving hotel, moving karaoke and more applications.
Clio Muse Tours Greece cliomusetours.com In Clio Muse Tours, we have invented a scalable way to produce high quality audio & virtual tours and help tour operators increase their upselling success rate.
Eccocar Spain eccocar.com We provide the technology that allows consumers to easily find transportation options that are nearby and easy to reserve all done via an app by collaborating with car dealers, car rentals, and businesses.
GuruWalk Spain guruwalk.com GuruWalk is the biggest community of free walking tour guides in the world, the biggest marketplace for "pay-what-you-want" cultural experiences (AKA "free tours"). We are already in +100 countries with more than 3000 guides.
Homefans UK homefans.net The Airbnb for sports experiences. Homefans is the first go-to-sports marketplace that offers more than 300 experiences led by locals and in partnership with professional clubs and organisations across 4 continents.
Pao USA thepaoapp.com Pao is an app dedicated to finding and sharing people's favorite spots to eat, play or stay in cities across the world. It's like if Instagram and Yelp had a baby, though for hidden and local gems rather than touristy spots.
PiriGuide Turkey piriguide.com Our mission is to help people people to explore the world and keep their spirit of discovery alive. We are developing a mobile app that offers audio content to people who love travel and explore, through innovative and affordable experience.
ShareP Switzerland sharep.io Share.P is one and only fully working innovative parking marketplace that connects drivers with parking owners. Our algorithm maximizes profits of private parking spots rental in any location around the world with the extremely low entry threshold.
Spherie Germany spherie.com With Sphere we have created a hardware / software solution that makes it possible to capture the world and make it tangible in a unique travel experience.
WheeLog Japan wheelog.com We have developed "WheeLog!", a user-generated accessibility map application for wheelchair users and their friends and families. It is the only application in the world that collects travel routes for wheelchair users. It provides information, but also allows its users to connect and socialize.
Name Country Website Description
booknbook UK business.booknbook.co booknbook is an All-in-One Platform for the Restaurant Digital Transformation to redesign the future of Management and Customer Experience
Foodications Puerto Rico foodiecations.com FOODIEcations is a food tourism agency for foodies who love to travel and travel to eat.
Winalist France winalist.com Winalist rethinks wine experience
Doot Experiences South Africa doot.app An on-demand social dining experiences company for travellers to connect with locals at food spots only locals know.
Fastline.me Poland fastline.me A digital platform enabling travellers to discover, book and get an access to all additional airport services worldwide: parking, fast track, passport control and airport lounges.
Foodieontour South Korea foodieontours.com Aims to revitalize the local economy by creating local food ingredient tour content: with locals who produce local ingredients, re-branding and create local foodie tour content with food ingredients, advertise for tourists to travel the local and consume local´s food ingredients and share revenue with the local business owners.
mikafi Switzerland mikafi.com We connect coffee selling businesses with their community to increase profitability and strengthen their relationship. By enabling them to roast fair coffee on spot and provide a digital, physical and sensorial coffee experience guests and neighbours can enjoy and order roasted beans or their most beloved beverage. Using data science, iot cloud solutions and a digital embedded roasting machine reduces roasting emissions of 98% compared to current solutions and enables a fully transparent, fair and entertaining experience for coffee drinkers.
smartoni Switzerland smarttoni.com smartTONi makes it possible to digitize the experience and knowledge of the small restaurant and thus enables to offer guests in large resorts traditional dishes with local ingredients.
UpperEat Spain upper-eat.com UpperEat is a digital platform connecting business diners with top quality restaurants, controlling & managing their meal expenses while increasing the number of midweek clients to their restaurants.
Yoordi Switzerland yoordi.com We are the digital connection between guests and the restaurant or hotel. By increasing profits by about 30% and lowering costs we maximize efficiency. We help restaurants grow by being independent and differentiating themselves from others.
Name Country Website Description
AtYourGate USA atyourgate.com AtYourGate is the industry leader in mobile ordering and delivery in airports across the US. We empower travelers, fight crews, and airport employees to use their own device to order and pay, and receive a contactless delivery anywhere inside the airport.
Data duopoly UK dataduopoly.com Data Duopoly solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by offering personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues.
SmartGuide Czech Republic smart-guide.org Global platform turning every phone into an engaging personal tour guide. Certified Covid-safe.
Bonomi Hungary bonomi.io Our product, Bonomi Assistant 🤖 is an easy-to-customize, multilingual, AI-powered messaging assistant, that enables hotels, resorts, hostels, guesthouses & campsites to 🔊 supercharge marketing campaigns, 📅 increase direct bookings, 🕒 reduce front desk workload by automation, 😷 provide contactless guest processes 💳 boost revenues through personalized upsell Using the latest chatbot.
caresocious Switzerland caresocius.org There is no working solution for cross-border healthcare. Therefore, we have developed a secure platform, which connects patients with doctors and clinics, both physically and virtually.
Local Purse Sweden localpurse.com Local Purse is a web-based platform where artisans and travel guides can list their live video cultural shopping experiences and host travelers around the world virtually.
PERE Denmark pere.com PERE is a digital platform that makes it easier for people and businesses to profit when they send new customers via personal referrals.
Shep USA sheptravel.com Shep uses a browser extension to deliver health and safety guidance to employees on >2,000 sites. The "right message at the right time" functionality integrates with multiple APIs to deliver hyper-relevant, contextual information right into the booking flow, including, unused credits, border closures, quarantine requirements, and more.
VisADB Poland   On demand remote consultations with visa, immigration & vaccine experts for global travelers to book with confidence. Our covid Trip planner 2.0 to find latest travel restrictions and entry requirements to ensure easy and safe trip plannin
Name Country Website Description
nornnorn Thailand nornnorn.com nornnorn is the world's first Circular Economy-based mattress subscription (rental) service for hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses. Our goal is to help eliminate the upfront investment on mattresses, thereby lowering the access barrier to high quality nornnorn is the world's first Circular Economy-based mattress subscription (rental) platform for hospitality businesses.
Ecowrap India ecowrap.in Ecowrap is IoT & SaaS-based one-stop solution to help HORECA in sustainable treatment of their solid waste and also create livelihood opportunity for needy women through upcycling of this waste.
Kind Traveler USA kindtraveler.com Kind Traveler is the first Give + Get hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit.
Accessible Travel Solutions USA accessibletravelsolutions.com John Sage and his companies are revolutionizing accessible travel for the 20% of the population who have a disability.
DoGoodPeople Spain dogoodpeople.com The APP that will help you promote your CSR strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals in your organization in an innovative and fun way
Hotelschool Switzerland hotel.school The next generation Swiss hotel school on a mission to democratise Swiss quality hospitality education. We combine the latest in educational technology with leading industry experts to provide impactful, brain-based microlearning solutions for hospitality professionals world-wide.
Nai Nami Kenya nai-nami.com Experience Nairobi through the eyes of a street child! Nai Nami is a social enterprise in Kenya which gives youths from slums (former street kids) a sustainable future in life by transforming their street skills and life stories into a job and income.
PashooPakshee India pashoopakshee.com Every traveler has an ingrained desire to collect souvenirs of his adventures which capture the essence of the destination and are unique by the influence of local art and culture. At PashooPakshee we design, develop and supply these meaningful takeaways for the tourists which are made by local artisans and marginalized communities.
TripDoodler Denmark tripdoodler.com Capturing the Wonder of travel. Making travel more sustainable through smarter travel planning.
ViaVii Jordan viavii.com ViaVii is shaping the modern day travel experience by delighting travellers, from all over the world, with an easy-to-use online platform to create custom-tailored and discover hyper-personalized travel experiences, while connecting them with passionate and talented people wherever they go, whatever they want to experience